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What is DoFeeds?

DoFeeds, developed by Webgarh, a renowned web development pioneer, offers top-notch dropshipping integration services. Our cutting-edge framework, customizable to your requirements, seamlessly integrates with API feeds from your custom supplier. With DoFeeds, eCommerce store owners can effortlessly import products, synchronize stock in real-time, and automate purchase orders to suppliers. Experience the convenience and efficiency of our sophisticated solution for your dropshipping business.

How DoFeeds' Dropshipping Integration Work?

DoFeeds is built on a robust and optimized codebase, guaranteeing fast and dependable performance. Our expert team offers active support and continuous improvements to this versatile solution. With our hosted and maintained service, DoFeeds provides a scalable, decentralized solution for custom dropshipper integration services. Experience the benefits of a reliable system with quick turnaround times and a dedicated team to support your business needs.

Supported eCommerce Platforms

DoFeeds works seamlessly with various eCommerce platforms including:

DoFeeds - Supported eCommerce Platforms

Effortlessly integrate dropshipping with your WooCommerce store by seamlessly syncing suppliers' feeds for streamlined dropshipping WooCommerce integration.

DoFeeds - Supported eCommerce Platforms

Enhance your dropshipping capabilities with seamless Shopify dropshipping integrations, enabling easy third-party product feed integration services.

DoFeeds - Supported eCommerce Platforms

Effortlessly streamline supplier integration and enhance functionality with efficient PrestaShop dropshipping solutions for seamless operations.

DoFeeds - Supported eCommerce Platforms

Power up your BigCommerce store with efficient dropshipping integration services.

DoFeeds - Supported eCommerce Platforms

Simplify supplier feed integration for your Magento store with seamless dropshipping Magento integration, boosting operational efficiency.

DoFeeds - Supported eCommerce Platforms
Custom Platforms

Our solutions are flexible enough to cater to custom eCommerce platforms as well.

Supported Feeds

Our framework supports a diverse range of product feeds such as:

DoFeeds - Supported Feeds
CSV Feeds

Effortlessly integrate dropshipping by importing and syncing products seamlessly using CSV-based feeds for enhanced online store functionality.

DoFeeds - Supported Feeds
XML Feeds

Enhance your online store's performance and functionality by seamlessly optimizing it with XML-based feeds integration.

DoFeeds - Supported Feeds

By incorporating dropshipping API integration, you can harness the power of advanced product feeds, enabling real-time synchronization for seamless operations.

Who Is DoFeeds For?

DoFeeds - Who Is DoFeeds For

For Dropshipping Companies

DoFeeds can be customized for dropshipping companies, providing a scalable and reliable solution. Our dropshipping integration services make it easy for multiple eCommerce platforms to consume your feeds/APIs, connecting with your system without hassle.
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DoFeeds - Who Is DoFeeds For

For Store Owners

DoFeeds offers custom supplier integration within its tailored framework, allowing store owners to effortlessly import products from third-party suppliers, seamlessly sync stocks, and instantly generate purchase orders. With our solution, you can maintain a constant inventory sync with your suppliers, ensuring that your store's stock is always up-to-date.
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Features of DoFeeds

DoFeeds - Features of DoFeeds
Built to meet unique business requirements.
DoFeeds - Features of DoFeeds
Real-Time Sync
Ensures accurate stock count through real-time inventory synchronization.
DoFeeds - Features of DoFeeds
Automatic PO Posting
Streamlines operations by posting purchase orders back to the supplier.
DoFeeds - Features of DoFeeds
Supports Multiple Platforms
Offers compatibility with various eCommerce platforms.
DoFeeds - Features of DoFeeds
Optimized Code
Provides a reliable and quick service due to its well-tested, optimized codebase.

Why Use DoFeeds

DoFeeds offers a comprehensive inventory management solution, actively supported and continually enhanced by our dedicated team. Our integration ensures seamless connectivity and real-time updates for your eCommerce store's inventory, regardless of the platform you use. Trust DoFeeds to keep your inventory connected and up-to-date with our reliable API or XML/CSV feed integration.


We've successfully assisted numerous businesses in optimizing their product import process, inventory synchronization, and purchase order management. Explore our portfolio to understand the potential of DoFeeds.

DoFeeds - Portfolio
SportsDeal.no is one of the best examples of our team's efforts. Our expert team of developers has worked hard to build this leading eCommerce portal in Norway. This platform is developed on top of Prestashop.
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DoFeeds - Portfolio
This website was in Magento 2 earlier so we have helped them by creating a new website on shopify as per client requirement. However, as there was lots of custom coding done on the website the speed of the website was compromised.
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Our Clients

DoFeeds - Our Clients
DoFeeds - Our Clients
DoFeeds - Our Clients
DoFeeds - Our Clients
DoFeeds - Our Clients DoFeeds - Our Clients DoFeeds - Our Clients DoFeeds - Our Clients DoFeeds - Our Clients
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Jonath White
Store Owner
DoFeeds - Our Clients

Blog Posts

DoFeeds - Blog Post
Dropshipping is a popular business model in which a company sells products directly to customers without holding inventory. Instead, the company purchases products from a third-party supplier and the supplier ships the products directly to the customer.
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